Collider EP

by Tuskrat

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released August 4, 2014

Recorded, produced, and released by Dylan Snyder at Shimmy's Cabin in West Clarksville, NY.
Mastered by Sean at Headroom Mastering.



all rights reserved


Tuskrat Olean, New York

Dylan - Guitar, Vocals
Kyle - Bass, Vocals
Shimmy - Drums
Frank - Guitar

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Track Name: Collider
Caged, you helped me chain them closed.
Razed, I itch my skin to the bone.
Unphased, glass not half empty or full.
Praised, we just do what we're told.

Waiting on the world to come under fire.
We're forced with nothing but words.
Our skin is all they desire.
When push comes to shove they're all aching for free reign.

Porcelain, faking so that you can decide.
To the end, this part is never defined.
The encore, only until we're out of time.
But before, the land will split and divide.
Track Name: Goer
Under the wake I sit peering upwards.
Gripping veins pulling harder and harder,
Do I seem patient, I try to act it.
There is nothing that I want you to fear.

Yeah, I'm wasting away.
Attain the way I want it to be.

I realize I will get this nowhere.
A prodding mind will always lose control.
Is it worth it, I could ignore it.
Another ten-fold flawed design.
Brace for the impact I won't have on you.
Much the same, not far from end wise.
Here's a better fucking view.

Here's a moment to feel worth.
It'll pass the time.
Here's a chaos you can't shake.
I will form a line.
There is no divine.
Track Name: Pyre
The coast is clear, the road is paved.
You crossed the line, yeah you misbehaved.
Storm the side, to your feet.
There is no mercy when you try and plea.
Taste the fear, funeral pyre.
Standing ready up and down the wire.
The upper ring will shoot below.
Raise your arms in time to shield the blow.

Soon will be the hour to release.
Part ways.
We'll storm the bridge and charge the gate.
And we'll raise.
As soon as you see their eyes know their intent.
Your death.
Run, we'll save the last of them from harm.
Pull the alarm.

A barren land, a plain of smoke.
The ashes spread out with an even coat.
Crater bound, and fallen stone.
Nothing left underneath the bones.
But in the end, what is it for?
Our ears are pushing up against the floor.
Another time, to fortify.
And now we multiply until next time.
Track Name: Cherno
They start upon the shore.
Clothes tattered and torn.
Breach of light on the hillside.
Into the darkened war.
The city never sleeps.
Too many screams in the night.
First sight of a helping hand, to bring you through to the front of the line.

Patience, we still have time.
Gracious to let them die.

Drove on the horizon.
End is nigh.

Unmarked and worn from the weather.
Risen men with a cancered blight.
The night blinds me from a shadow,
tall dark figure with an aura of flies.
Can't escape the moonlight glow.
Blockade the windows and doors.
Don't trust them anymore.
We can't live on the edge of the killing floor.

Caress my wounds
Give me time to bloom.
The sun will fade.
Close the Cherno gates.